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Hunting Area

Hunting Area

Trophy Trackings Hunting Safaris invite you to a Hunting paradise – the best kept secret on the African Continent…….

We have two different hunting Area’s, one where we stay most of the time in the North West. The other one is on the Central Eastern HighGrounds. A total of About 200 000 Acres of hunting Area is covered by us for the best Namibian trophy’s.

North West Hunting Grounds

Our North West is the part of Namibia that is created by Contrasts and Beautiful landscapes. From the granite mountains to the grass plains and the big riverbeds that host those rare Namib Desert Elephants.

All around the hunting area is beautiful sightseeing that can be visited. From the Etosha National Park with it’s abundance of Game to the God’s Finger Sandstone rock and only 200 miles from the Namib desert and the Skeleton Coast Park on the atlantic Ocean. Bushmen Paintings about 100 miles could be visited also.

Etosha National Park one of the Biggest African Game Parks with the size of 22912 square Kilometers and 50 different species of game, with 4 of the Big 5. It’s the most visited Game Park in Southern Africa.
Central Eastern Hunting Grounds

Central Eastern Hunting Grounds is open plains and lots of free roaming and migration animals. Big herds of trophie’s to choose from. An Area of the African plains Beauty!
Central Eastern Hunting Ground is only 70 miles from the Airport, and 100 miles from Windhoek the Capital. With close by Shopping for trinkets and African carvings.

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