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What do we need for the hunt?


CLOTHES: Minimum of 3 sets of hunting clothes (long trousers with shirt)
Something cooler for hotter hunting days
Warm jackets for the early mornings and chilly evenings
Good and comfortable walking / hunting boots with 3 pairs of good socks
Hat for the sun that covers ears too
Comfortable clothes and shoes for days of travelling
Personal Belongings

Laminated name tags (4 per animal) with full name & address to tag trophies
Cameras and films
Sunscreen (Namibian sun very dangerous)
Medication (if needed)
Insect repellant

About malaria tablets: we are not going to say that you should not take it, it’s up to yourself but most tablets makes people sick when they are in the sun and taking the tablets. Except from that, it’s too cold for mosquitoes that time of year and they are usually not a problem at all.

Laundry is done daily
Bedding and towels are provided

RIFLES: 30-06 or bigger are recommended as well as hard rifle cases to carry the rifles
Ammunition: maximum of 60 rounds per rifle is allowed and not less that 180 gr. The .338 Win Mag is the best bet for African plains Game.

PLEASE: That is just an indication of what to bring!

Travelling to Namibia is easy and well serviced. Flights from Europe can be taken directly to Windhoek (Hosea Kutako International Airport) by Air Namibia or via Johannesburg/Cape Town using a wide variety of flight carriers.

Most travellers do not require a visa to enter Namibia.
Your passport should have an expiry date of at least six months after the date of your arrival.

The official currency is the Namibian Dollar which exchanges at the same rate as the South African Rand.
All major credit cards/travellers cheques and bank notes are accepted throughout Namibia.
Namibian Banks are open Mondays to Fridays from 09h00 till 15h30 and Saturdays from 08h00 till 11h00.Closed on Sundays.

Water comes from boreholes and is of a very high quality and taste.
Travelling in Namibia does not require any vaccinations.

Namibia has a dry climate and you are advised to bring along a moisturizer and a sun block cream
May through August are our winter months.
The rainy season normally starts in October and ends in April. During this period shorts are recommended

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