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If it is Hunting that you love, Trophy Trackings Hunting Safaris will make you fall in love with Namibia’s plains game hunting. With 22 different specie’s, we will make your African hunting dreams come true. With Namibia’s best trained Professional Hunters in Africa, you can be sure of excellent Trophy quality animals. Kudu’s of 62″, Eland’s of 42″and Springbuck’s of 17″had been Harvested by Trophy Trackings. Namibia’s minimum standards will still guarantee you an good size Trophy!


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Trophy Trackings get a Maximum of 30 clients per hunting season, this ensure you that you receive the best service and ensure the highest quality trophies. Our 200 000 acres roam with an abundance of game for you to choose from. We believe in the principal of fair chase and ethical hunting.





Namibia as one of Africa’s most politically stable countries, with an infrastructure comparable to any European Country by road’s, telecommunication, electricity and Medical facilities. Namibia will live up to your expectations, a country that can guarantee a hunt of your biggest dreams!!Kudu62



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